Once upon a time, the land of Heraldale knew peace. A time when dragons and gryphons shared the skies, when Wolf-Lords worked art at their forges, when sphinx mystics gave wisdom freely.

But the hippogryph Galaxy, child of gryphon and unicorn, never knew that time. Living with her adoptive gryphon family beneath the oppressive hoof of the Unicorn Empire, Heraldale is a sad, harsh, resentful world

Everything changes however when chance or fate sees her saving the life of a unicorn, the son of an imperial governor, drawing the dull attention of the Empire. Now on the run and pursued by the mad unicorn Lord Mordred and his imperial forces, Galaxy must face poisonous cockatrices, ravenous wyvern swarms, elite solders, and her own self-doubts, on a journey to reunite her family and bring peace to her warring heritage.

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